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14.06.16 12:02

DanTysk OAP successfully installed

Vattenfall has installed the Offshore Accommodation Platform (OAP) for its 288 MW Wind Farms...

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world class engineering to meet your needs

IMPaC is an independent company with over 30 years of experience, offering a broad range of engineering and consultancy services to the oil, gas and power sectors of the onshore and offshore energy industry.

The return on investment of today’s energy projects are increasingly uncertain in the current climate of fluctuating oil prices and volatile financial markets. Continuing low oil prices are steering energy suppliers into investing in the revamp of existing facilities in order to optimize production rates and at the same time minimize OPEX. Through the application of qualified standards and state-of-the-art technologies IMPaC are able to provide engineering services for onshore and offshore brown field energy projects to capitalise on this philosophy.

Throughout improvement projects IMPaC focuses on 'long life technical integrity' in terms of processes, automation and safety at low maintenance and operating costs whilst expanding plant capacity and maximizing economically viable oil and gas production.

Learn more about the process optimization projects in Kazhakstan where IMPaC has provided 21,000 hours to date and helped their client to achieve up to 50 % in improved production rates including some field developments and to minimize OPEX by at least 30 %.