Reference Project - Oil & Gas

Process Safety, Automation and Control Systems
KC Facilities Improvement Project – Nigeria

Project Facts

The Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria (SPDC)

Project Location
Offshore, Nigeria

IMPaC’s Services
20,000 hours

80 million USD

11/1996 – 10/2001

IMPaC’s Scope

Structural re-analysisBasic & detailed design for

  • change out of export pumps
  • conversion of cold vent to flare
  • electric power generation for pumps
  • instrumentation upgrade to electronic type
  • replacement of cranes
  • installation of crew shelter
  • general refurbishment & repair
  • installation of umbilical j-tubes

Detail engineering for new jacket
Installation engineering
Cost estimate
Procurement assistance
Preparation of construction tender
Bid evaluation

Project Characteristics

SPDC’s objective for the KC Platform Improvement Project was to extend the operational life of two wellhead platforms (KCDP-A and KCDP-B), a production platform (KCPP-A) and a flare structure (KCVJ-A) in 20 m water depth for another 20 years, changing their operation mode from normally manned to not normally manned and improving the facilities to meet DPR safety and environmental requirements.

In the first phase of the project IMPaC inspected the facility and the existing documentation and prepared a concept for the project. The improvement philosophy consisted of e.g. optimization of operating configuration as a result of process recalculation, improvement of security, to bring test separators and chemical injection equipment back into service and procurement of several items. Following discussions with SPDC and ultimate acceptance of the concept, IMPaC provided basic and detailed design for the necessary improvements in the second phase of the project.

In the course of the project the platform KCDP-B was damaged by a supply vessel. IMPaC carried out a damage assessment and made recommendations for temporary emergency repairs. IMPaC designed a new jacket and developed the concept for removal of damaged jacket, topside removal and re-installation, and riser re-installation.