Reference Project - Offshore Wind

Scour Protection Concept for Wind Farm 'alpha ventus' - German North Sea

Project Facts

Deutsche Offshore Testfeld und Infrastruktur GmbH & Co. KG (DOTI)

Project Location
North Sea, Germany


IMPaC’s Scope
Geotechnical engineering

Project Characteristics

The offshore wind farm ‘alpha ventus’ is located 45 km Northwest of the island Borkum in the German North Sea with water depths ranging from 25 m to 30 m depending on the tide. It is the first offshore wind farm in operation since 2009.

Monitoring of the bathymetry of the seabed around the WTG foundation by multi-beam echo sounder of research vessels revealed significant scour at the tripod foundation, caused by wind, wave, and current.

IMPaC has been contracted for the elaboration of a scour protection concept for the respective WTG tripod foundation.