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Major Oil Trunklines Replacement Project – Nigeria

Project Facts

The Shell Petroleum Development Comany of Nigeria (SPDC)

Project Location

IMPaC’s Services
5,000 hours

300 million USD

03/2003 – 02/2004

IMPaC’s Scope
Conceptual design of complete pipeline system incl.

  • hydraulic calculations
  • mechanical/piping/structural design
  • corrosion protection system
  • control & instrumentation

Front End Engineering Design for the NCTL replacement

Project Characteristics

The MTR Project covers the three major SPDC Eastern Division oil trunklines:

  • Trans Niger Pipeline (TNP)
  • Greater Port Harcourt Swamp Line (GPHSL)
  • Nembe Creek Trunkline (NCTL)

The total length of the considered pipelines amounts to approx. 370 km. The pipeline sizes range between 6" and 36".

The project objective was to provide a cost effective design for the SPDC oil trunkline network. It should be capable of evacuating SPDC-E production safely and efficiently, with minimum impact to the environment with the following aims:

  • Restore pipelines rating and integrity
  • Ensure evacuation capacity for current and future production targets for the next 30 years
  • Reduce production deferment
  • Reduce environmental pollution
  • Manage the concurrent operations and tie-in sequence to ensure minimal disruption of crude production during transition from the current trunkline network to new lines.