Oil & Gas

Since its incorporation IMPaC has had continuous involvement with both national and international oil and gas exploration and production companies, mainly in the upstream market. IMPaC carries the benefit of decades of experience ranging from Exploration and Field Development through to Detailed Engineering of a multitude of installations including the associated power generation and transmission and hydrocarbon gathering systems. IMPaC provide complete and integrated solutions for field development and can support projects through construction and commissioning phases and into operation.

Exploration and Production Facilities

IMPaC supports the Onshore and Offshore Oil & Gas industry from first conceptual design via the different stages of engineering to risk based operation and service manuals. Equipped with experiences of more than 800 projects worldwide IMPaC contributes to the successful execution and implementation of your project in particular with regard to quality, cost optimization and keeping your project on schedule.

Project Examples:

2005-2012: Okoloma Gas Plant & Pipelines Project, Nigeria

2012-2015: Gas/Condensate Treatment Complex Operations, Kazakhstan

Oil and Gas Field Developments

IMPaC provides novel concepts for the upgrading of existing (Brownfield) and development of new (Greenfield) Oil and Gas fields. Using its experience of more than 30 years IMPaC always managed to develop the most technical and commercial viable solution for each individual project. Our services start with concept design, basic engineering, FEED down to detail engineering. IMPaC can also support partners with site supervision and final commissioning of assets.

Project Examples:

2014-2016: Oil Field Development Libya

Cable, Pipelines and Landfalls

IMPaC has been involved and continues to be involved in a number of major pipeline developments both on and offshore at all stages from concept to commissioning, for example:

1991-1996: Europipe I and II

2006-2014: Nord Stream Pipeline Project

2010-2011: Cooling Water Intake and Outfall Pipeline for Power Plant Vlore

since 2015: Nord Stream II Pipeline Project

Process Safety, Automation and Control

• Process, establishing of system specs.
• HMI and specifications of graphic Display Units.
• Design and Layout of control and First Aid rooms.
• Write up of safety requirements for emergency shutdown.
• Write up of system architecture for process control.
• HAZOP, SIL classification and verification.

Energy and Supply Technology

IMPaC provides comprehensive, cost effective and integrated solutions for different power plant designs, power generation and power transmission & distribution systems. Our services include the layout of infrastructure and utility systems as e.g. design of cooling water systems including intake and outfall facilities, pipelines and landfalls, cofferdam, jetties and tank farms.

OMMS (Operation and Maintenance Management Systems)

In the development process of OMMS IMPaC assumes the preparation of:

• Operations and control philosophies
• Control descriptions and reports
• operation manuals
• maintenance philosophies and manuals
• Emergency- regular maintenance systems
• Guideline for maintenance planning

Risk Analysis

IMPaC carries out a continuous risk identification and management process on all of their activities, ensuring that the end product meets International, National and Client’s requirements as closely as possible.

Liquid Gas Transfer Systems

One of IMPaC’s specialist areas of expertise is that of liquid gas transfer systems increasingly required for the on and offloading of LNG, LPG, liquid ethanol and hydrogen between shuttle tanker and ship or ship to port.

The challenges of very low temperatures require great attention to detail both in design and in procedures. Such systems were developed for the following scenarios:

2007-2011: Ship to ship transfer (tandem layout) in project MPLS20

2011-2014: Ship to ship transfer (side by side) in project SOTLL

Authority Engineering

IMPaC can perform the entire engineering planning and provide assistance in terms of authority engineering for the German and European oil and gas industry.

Project Examples:

since 2006: Authority Engineering Nord Stream Pipeline

2011-2014: Authority Engineering Field Development Römerberg-Speyer

Ice Technology

‘Harsh environment’ often means ice. The IMPaC team consists of highly qualified specialists with many years of experience in ice technology and research. Theoretical models and programs for the prediction of ice loads and the response of offshore structures have been developed, model tests have been carried out for comparison and in-situ measurements have been taken for verification. Special IMPaC design features such as ice barrier systems have been developed. R&D programs and close cooperation with universities and institutes assure continuous update of front-end knowledge.

Project Examples:

Detail Design of Cantilever Drill Rig 'SUNKAR'
2007: Concept study and FEED for IBEEV Dock & Davit System and Ice Protection Structures

FEED for Ice Breaking Emergency & Evacuation Crafts (IBEEC)

Market analysis for jack-up rigs for operation in ice conditions

Marine Operations

In many projects of the oil and gas industry the question of transport and installation (T&I) of the asset is raised. Here IMPaC has already performed various concept studies.

Project Examples:

2013-2014: Hydrostatic and hydrodynamic verification of transport suitability and installation of the Kivu lake pipeline

Calculation and concept design of transport and installation of subsea modules

Subsea Technology (shallow and deep water)

Subsea installations are exposed to a harsh and hostile environment and therefore encounter many unique challenges. The environmental impact of transport and installation, operation and maintenance, closing down and decommissioning must be considered during the design stage of all subsea assets. IMPaC has been entrusted with a number of projects involving such problems.

Project Examples:

2006-2009: Project ISUP (Integrated System for Underwater Production of Hydrocarbons), subsidized by the BMWi

2012-2015: Project ECUP3000 (Enhanced Control of Underwater Production in up to 3,000 m water depth ), subsidized by the BMWi

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