Reference Project – Energy Offshore

Oil & Gas – Pipelines & Landfalls
Special Expertise – Marine Operations
Europipe Development Project – Balje Pipelay Project – Germany

Project Facts

Bohlen & Doyen GmbH (Balje Pipelay Project)


Project Location
Nearshore, North Sea (Germany)

IMPaC’s Services
18,000 hours

75 million USD (landfall)

07/1993 – 12/1994

IMPaC’s Scope
Installation engineering & analyses
Installation and construction procedures
Construction management
Design of pipelay barge conversion
Shipyard supervision & sea trials

Project Characteristics

The 620 km long 40" gas pipeline runs from the 16/11-E platform to receiving facilities in Germany. The pipeline design pressure is 156 barg. The route crosses nearshore shallow water areas with the landfall located at the north-west German Waddensea coast. The entire nearshore and landfall areas are highly protected by environmental legislation.

The scope of the project called for the installation of 2 x 2.3 km of the heavy wall concrete coated 40” Europipe I and Europipe II pipelines in shallow waters ranging from 4.5 m to 14 meters water depth. This necessitated the major conversion and modification of the shallow draft pipelay barge BAAS KOBUS III to suit the technical and environmental requirements. IMPaC’s task was to carry out the design and shipyard supervision for the barge and also for its hinged stinger.

For the execution of the pipelay operations IMPaC provided installation analyses including mooring analyses, installation procedures for normal pipelay and specialized operations and associated activities, design of anchor piles, documentation and also contribution to the authority engineering.

Throughout the pipelay and construction operations IMPaC personnel took responsible positions on site within the construction management as well as in the day-to-day operation of the pipelay spread.