Reference Project – Oil & Gas

Ice Technology
FEED, Ice Protection Structures (IPS) – North Caspian Sea

Project Facts

Agip KCO

Project Location
North Caspian Sea, Kazakh Sector

IMPaC’s Services
10,000 hours


IMPaC’s Scope
Front End Engineering Design (FEED)

Project Characteristics

The Ice Protection Structure (IPS) for operation in the North Caspian Sea is a purpose-designed steel structure, which shall protect the Cantilever Barge Rig (CBR) against the excessive impact of drifting sea ice, which may occur at Kashagan East.

The structure has a length of 100 m, a width of 22.5 m and measures 12.2 m from the skirt tips to the weather deck. (The hull is subdivided into ten ballast water compartments, which can be filled up and emptied by means of a fix installed ballasting system including pumps for ballasting and de-ballasting.) The steel structure has been designed to withstand all environmental loads including waves and drifting ice. Special attention has been paid to the behaviour of the structure under global and local ice forces.

Apart from the structural design of the IPS, the Front End Engineering Design also includes geotechnical analysis including on-bottom stability analysis and sliding resistance, as well as philosophies for operation, relocation, and winterization of the IPS. Also cost estimates and a time schedule have been prepared.

The design of the IPS is in compliance with ABS Codes.