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Nord Stream Pipeline Project – Germany

Project Facts

Nord Stream AG/
Authority Engineering, Engineering Services,
Development of an Operation Management System

Snamprogetti SpA/
Detailed Design German Dry Section (Pipeline, Piping, Civil, Structural)

Construction Management

SGS Germany GmbH
Certification of Automation System

Project Location
Baltic Sea and Germany

IMPaC’s Services
approx. 100,000 hours

Overall Project Investment
7.4 billion EUR

10/2006 – 12/2014

IMPaC’s Scope
Authority engineering & engineering services
Detailed design of Dry Section pipeline
Development of an operation management system
Construction management
Certification of automation system

Project Characteristics

The Nord Stream Pipeline is a subsea natural gas pipeline transmission system from Russia to Germany consisting of two parallel pipelines. Each pipeline has a diameter of 48 inches and a length of 1,220 km. The twin pipelines are designed for complex operation with a staged design pressure of 220/200/177 bar and a capacity of 55 billion m³/year.

IMPaC has provided engineering services to Nord Stream from the early stages of the project which includes preparation of detailed documentation and maps for the construction, commissioning and operation of the pipelines and for the International permitting processes. Within the project IMPaC has also developed and evaluated alternative pipeline routes and installation concepts incl. hydraulic and temperature simulations and calculations and emission reports.
The detailed design of the Dry Section pipeline facilities comprises pipeline stress analyses, Dry Section layout optimization and multidisciplinary design and engineering work.

After the concept definition phase in 2010 IMPaC commenced the development and preparation of the overall operation management system and also provides construction management and consultancy services for offshore and onshore works.

IMPaC also participates in the certification of the automation system.