Reference Project – Energy Offshore

Special Expertise – Ice Technology
Drilling Shtokman Field – Russia

Project Facts


Project Location
Sthokman Field, Russia, Barents Sea (MIZ)

IMPaC’s Services
300 hours

05/2007 – 07/2007

IMPaC’s Scope
Investigation for performance under extreme Arctic conditions

Project Characteristics

The Shtokman field is on of the world’s largest natural gas fields and lies in the Russian Sector of the Barrents Sea with water depths varying from 320 to 340 m.

IMPaC investigated the usability for a semisubmersible to operate all-year-round under extreme Arctic conditions with multiyear ice and prepared a study on the risks associated with drilling operation in the Shtokman field and how to reduce or mitigate the risks and problems.

Environmental data for wind wave and ice resulting in 100 year design parameters were statistically evaluated.

The preparation of an ice load study including calculation of ice loads on a semisubmersible according to different theories and a motion and mooring analysis for a semisubmersible operating under storm and ice conditions completed the investigation.