Reference Project - Oil & Gas

Exploration & Production Facilities
Lake Kivu Gas Extraction Project – Rwanda

Project Facts

PROMANec (former Koch Engineering & Construction LDA)

ContourGlobal/KivuWatt Ltd.

Project Location

Execution Period
05/2013 – 10/2014

Engineering Hours

IMPaC’s Scope

Review of existing design
Development of new technical concepts
Refurbishment of barge hull
Detail structural design of barge underwater facilities
Detail design of barge mooring and anchoring facilities
Detail design of barge underwater piping systems
Detail design of export pipeline
Detail design of flare boom
Preparation of offshore tow and installation procedures
Construction supervision
Installation assistance

Project Characteristics

In Lake Kivu on the border between the Republic of Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo about 300 km³ of dissolved carbon dioxide and 55-60 km³ of methane gas are accumulated and trapped at a deeper layer in the lake.

The methane shall be extracted via a barge mounted gas separation unit with underwater separation vessels. The extracted gas will be delivered to onshore power generation facilities via HDPE export pipeline.

IMPaC has been contracted to endorse and refurbish the barge design including mooring analysis, anchoring design, and re-design of mooring system and of flexible riser and to prepare the underwater separator installation design. Also calculation and design for stiffening of degassed water riser have been carried out.

For the pipeline IMPaC has prepared the pipeline & landfall design and a pipeline in-place analysis.

For the barge and separators transport and installation procedures have been prepared. The offshore location of the Gas Extraction Facilities (GEF) barge has been amended.

Furthermore, IMPaC has been contracted to provide construction supervision services as well as installation assistance.