Offshore Wind

IMPaC understands the activities required for the design of an offshore wind asset as plant engineering.
Consequently, throughout asset design and verification, IMPaC always keeps the entire asset in focus. This focus is also kept when IMPaC is awarded the design of components or subsystems as communication and interface management become increasingly important.

Platforms (foundations, jackets & topsides)

IMPaC provides the Front End Engineering Design (FEED), Concept, Basic and Detailed Design for platforms and foundations commonly used in the offshore wind industry.

Project Examples:

Cable Laying

IMPaC provides consulting and engineering for customers in the on- and offshore wind industry during concept design and provisioning of inner array grid and onshore grid connections. The resulting tasks can comprise of the following:

  • Reconnaissance of suitable cable routing
  • Engineering of cable installation and cable burial (incl. geotechnical design)
  • Feasibility studies, environmental impact studies, cost estimates, schedules
  • UXO (unexploded ordnance) removal consultancy
  • Interface management for client-authority and client-subcontractor relation
  • Procurement assistance incl. preparation of tender material, assessment of quotes, technical support in contract negotiations

Marine Operations

In many projects of the offshore wind industry the question of transport and iInstallation (T&I) of the asset is raised. IMPaC has performed various concept studies and verifications of practical relevance for ongoing wind farm projects.

Project Examples:

Risk Analysis

Until recently risk based analysis was a new business field for the offshore wind industry, in which knowledge of the entire project was to be combined with special expertise. For IMPaC, this is common procedure and is integrated in all of our projects.


IMPaC’s engineers are well versed and experienced regarding geotechnical issues in Offshore Wind. Our scope comprises the planning and coordination of the geotechnical aspects of cable laying, certification support of suction can foundation designs and the development of scour protection concepts.

Project Examples:

Authority Engineering

IMPaC provides consultancy and accompanies the client during the approval process and subsequent project certification according to Eurocode and BSH Standard 'Konstruktion'. Also, IMPaC provides proficient support during the communication with certifying and approval authorities.

Our clients:

  • German offshore grid operators
  • Energy companies e.g. Vattenfall, RWE, EWE, EnBW
  • Manufacturers of technical components and entire structures (electrical components, turbine manufacturers), shipyards, cable layer etc.

OMMS (Operation and Maintenance Management Systems)

For the development of Operation and Maintenance Management Systems (OMMS), IMPaC covers the preparation of:

  • Operation and control philosophies
  • Control narratives
  • Operation manuals
  • Maintenance philosophies and manuals
  • Emergency and routine maintenance systems
  • Guidelines for maintenance planning

Subsea Technology (subsea and shallow water)

The suitable design and monitoring of the submerged part of offshore wind structures like foundations, moorings, and cables are paramount to achieve a cost effective technology. For more than 15 years IMPaC is involved in projects dedicated to the development of state-of-the-art concepts, procedures, software tools, and hardware structures for subsea applications.

Project Examples:

Ice Technology

Our highly qualified specialists have many years of experience in ice technology and research successfully proven in numerous projects. Theoretical models and programs for the prediction of ice loads and the response of offshore structures have been developed, model tests have been carried out for comparison and in-situ measurements have been taken for verification. Detailed experience gathered with our partners in the oil & gas industry can be adopted and be used for offshore wind structures that are operating in areas with drifting ice during winter time.

Project Examples:

Market analysis for jack-up rigs suitable for operation in ice conditions

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