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Cryogenic Gas Transfer Systems
Ship-to-Shore LNG Transfer - The Rigi-Flex© System – Germany

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1,000 hours

0.15 million EUR


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Design and engineering
Project management

Project Characteristics

The Rigi-Flex© system is a new LNG transfer system based on flexible pipes allowing meeting the standard with a total transfer capacity of 10,000 m³/h. It has been developed in turn of a market request. The vacuum insulated pipes with diameters of 16-inch provide a double containment system satisfying the most  stringent environmental constraint for transfer systems.

The concept is focused on ship to shore transfers (or vice versa) but minor adaptations also allow ship to ship application in calm or moderate sea conditions. All developments comply with relevant rules and regulations provided by professional organizations like SIGTTO, OCIMF, IMO and the European Standards (EN).