Reference Project - Oil & Gas

Exploration & Production Facilities
Gas/Condensate Treatment Complex Operations – Kazakhstan

Project Facts

Zhaikmunai Group Limited

Project Location

Execution Period
01/2012 – ongoing

IMPaC’s Scope

Concepts and studies for process improvements
Engineering and design for plant modifications
3D laser scanning and as-built documentation

Project Characteristics

The gas/condensate treatment complex is located in the Chinarevskoye Field in close proximity to the city of Uralsk in West Kazakhstan. The field mainly consists of an oil processing facility, multiple oil gathering and transportation lines, and a gas powered electricity generation system.

IMPaC has prepared a concept for the overall process optimization of the existing Gas/gascondensate plants (GTUs). Subsequently to the concept the plant revamp engineering and design is carried out for the envisaged improvements. The procurement of the equipment and material required for the plant revamp complement the aforementioned services.
Process simulations of GTUs were carried out in order to improve and optimize the efficiency of the plant.
Furthermore, enhanced as-built model generation of critical area’s for strategic ‘Tie-In’ points and of all major equipment, has been prepared using the 3D laser scanning technology.