Reference Project – Energy Offshore

Special Expertise – Marine Operations / Shallow Water Technology
TYULENI Drilling Project – Russia

Project Facts


Project Location
North Caspian Sea, Russia

IMPaC’s Services
3,500 hours

30 million USD

02/2004 – 11/2005

IMPaC’s Scope
Basic design
Detailed design
Authority engineering
Construction supervision
Transport & installation procedures
Supervision of model tests

Project Characteristics

The Tyuleni block is located in the North Caspian Sea on the Russian shelf off the coast of Dagestang measuring almost 10,000 square kilometers.

For the Tyuleni Drilling Project IMPaC has carried out a feasibility study on technical options for exploration drilling in the shallow waters of the North Caspian Sea at water depths from 2 to 8 meters. Based on the study conceptual design for drilling options with a purpose-built drilling barge and drilling catamaran with elevated deck have been prepared.

For the Tyuleni Drilling – Kursk Barges IMPaC prepared basic and detailed design for support pontoons for drilling Rig SUNKAR. Modification works of the support pontoons at local shipyards have been supervised. Furthermore IMPaC developed procedures for transport, mating, installation & de-installation for support pontoons and drilling rig.

IMPaC prepared specifications and supervised model tests in order to investigate the interaction of wind and waves with support pontoons and drilling rig.

For shallow water analysis a study for the use of a drilling jack-up rig including soil settlement and bearing capacity analyses has been carried out.