Our Services

It is within the scope of IMPaC to develop integrated designs – from first idea to commissioning. We take your ideas and transform them to concepts and designs in compliance with the highest standards and Authority requirements. We rate every design based on risk analysis keeping in consideration the functionality of the installation, always considering the balance of CAPEX and OPEX. In the process rough drafts mature to highly detailed 3D models, reflecting the philosophies of your company with regard to project and location specific concepts.


We accompany you in all stages of your projects with ‘good words and deeds’. In the initial stage this means the development of ideas and brainstorming down to the calculation, analysis, transportation, installation, commissioning and ends (at the end of the life cycle) in the final decommissioning.

Basic Design & FEED

Oil and Gas

For your upstream project we do the basic design or FEED according to international regulations and standards or according to the customer or operator specific set of regulations (e.g. Shell DEP.). We always put special focus on a ‘lean’ and cost-efficient design in order to prepare the basis for the FID (Final Investment Decision).

Offshore Wind

We prepare the entire set of blueprint documents including philosophies, concepts and design material in order to base the FID on a solid basis.Will your project be installed in the German EEZ? Then we can provide the entire set of BSH relevant documentation. Structures can be designed according to Eurocode.

Detail Design & Engineering

According to the extent and size of your project and upon request we can do the complete detail design for you. We would also take on the supervision and management of assigned partners, contractors and subcontractors – always in your best interest!

Procurement and Logistics

We would like to support you with your projects, starting with Systems and Component Specification, Procurement, Document Control and Management (if required) and Quality Management.

Project Management

To be successful every project must be supported by an effective Project Management Team. We can offer you Project Management support at all stages, beginning with the Initial Engineering, Construction Site Supervision, Pre-Commissioning and Commissioning and Operation through to Decommissioning ensuring that they are performed according to schedule and within budget.
Our experienced personnel cover both onshore and offshore and can support you as Owners Engineer where needed.

Research and Development

Aside from ‘standard’ engineering IMPaC is also involved in special EU or BMWi funded R&D projects. The basic idea is to widen the horizon and to implement news and findings into IMPaC daily work whenever possible.

The scope of these Projects comprises control architectures for underwater production systems, subsea survey and monitoring by means of teams of autonomous underwater vehicles as well as transfer systems for liquefied gas (ship-to-ship and ship-to-shore).